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Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Written by Reece Stannard, Edited by Ishani Aziz

The Pikes Peak Hill Climb is an absolute battleground. Located in Colorado; USA, the event has been an annual occurrence since the first event in 1916. The track is a thrilling journey, winding up a hill (hence its name) for a total 12.42 miles (20 kilometres). The peak itself reaches 4,720 feet (1,440 miles, or 2318 kilometres) in altitude. There are a whopping 156 turns on the dirt track, although by 2002 the track began to be paved, and the work finished about 9 years later. Originally, Spencer Penrose was the promoter of the race, with Rea Lentz winning the first race in 20:55.60 minutes. Floyd Clymer would win the race by motorcycle at 21:58.41.

This challenge takes place in June every year, and is widely popular around the globe. There are several categories competed throughout the weekend, including; Open Wheel, Time Attack, Porsche Pikes Peak Trophy by Yammaha, Pikes Peak Open, Exhibition Class and the famous 'Unlimited Class. ' The latter is particularly interesting, as the name suggests, it is ‘unlimited’, meaning the only rules are that the car must pass a safety inspection and meet the general rules of Pikes Peak Hill Climb. This has paved the way for some brilliant and wacky cars. Some cars can have vast splitters, which also double as a front wing. Others may have a massive rear wing coupled with a mighty set of tyres. Some cars even run on out of the box fuels, like 'Old Smokey' a car that runs on NexDiesel and is very eco-friendly. Old Smokey also holds the Diesel record at Pikes Peak.

The current record is 7:57.148 set by Romain Dunas, who drove the Volkswagen I. D. R in 2018. It was electric and four wheel drive. Overall the Pikes Peak Hill Climb is definitely worth a watch, a truly enthralling challenge in motorsport.

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12 aug. 2022

Shout out to the Unser family who have pretty much dominated this place in one way or another over time... getting up those miles pretty quickly in barely modified Sprint Cars, Indycars, Group B rally weapons and 'Unlimited's' too. A great family legacy for them at Pikes Peak.

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