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Rare Schumacher Footage To Be Released

We are set to see the 7-time world champion for the first time in 7 years, as his family are releasing new footage that will feature in an upcoming documentary. 

Written By Ian Bruce, Edited By Aiden Hover

Michael Schumacher, 52, was involved in a serious skiing accident whilst in the French Alps, back in 2013. Since then, he has been recovering with his family, where very little about his condition has been made known to the public.

The documentary will be called ‘Schumacher’ and will feature highlights from his incredible career. It will also include private interviews with his wife Corinna, his son Mick, his daughter Gine and his father Rolf.

The documentary is the brainchild of Michael Wech and Hans-Bruno Kammertons, award-winning filmmakers from Germany. One of the producers, Benjamin Seikel, had this to say about the documentary, “We are thrilled to have had the cooperation of Michael Schumacher’s family and management. Without their support, this film would not have been possible”.

The film makers have unfortunately been unable to provide a release date for the documentary, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The last news that fans heard about Michael’s condition was from FIA president, Jean Todt. In keeping with the family’s wishes, he kept his information regarding Michael brief, stating “We all know that Michael had a very serious accident and, unfortunately, it has had significant consequences for him. Since then he has been treated so that he can be able to return to a more normal life”. He then signed off with what has become a rallying sign of support for his fans, “He is fighting”.

Fans should look forward to seeing this Documentary, not only for a first glimpse of Michael in 7 years, but for yet another reminder of the incredible career that the maverick driver led. Keep fighting Michael.


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