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Red Bull and the rumours about teams' expenses

Written by Mar Martínez, Edited by Ishani Aziz

For the first time in the history of Formula 1, the governing body created a limit for the costs when it comes to the expenses of the teams on the grid, bringing controversy from the first moment due to each team’s interpretation of these rules.

This past season each team correspondingly sent their accounts to the FIA, which were already being monitored to find out whether or not the ten structures were complying with the regulations.

The federation continued to delay that confirmation until 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' and 'Auto Motor und Sport' revealed that two teams exceeded that ceiling in 2021. Aston Martin, and it seems, to a greater extent, Red Bull. Although it has not been made official, Red Bull admitted that they are being investigated, and that they were not worried about the allegations.

The actual penalty for breaching these regulations could range greatly. If the result of a "minor infraction", the following has been written:

  • Minor (excess less than 5%): public reprimand, removal of points in the manufacturers' or even drivers' classification, exclusion from some events, adding some extra restrictions in the aerodynamic tests or an economic fine.

In contrast, a more grave breach could result in the following:

  • Serious (excess greater than 5%): reduction of more points in the drivers' or constructors' championship, exclusion from events, limiting aerodynamic tests, excluding a team from the championship or a future reduction of the same budget cap.

The accusations have forced the team leaders to meet and discuss their allegations. Christian Horner confirmed in an interview that they had not received any complaints from the FIA ​​regarding the rules and budgets that had been declared in 2021. In an interview with Sky he commented: "I don't have any information about it. All accounts were presented in March, so it's been a long process together with the FIA, and we're still talking about it” … “It's a new set of rules, very complicated, the form of interpretation or application is always going to be subjective between the teams, and I'm sure that, as the years go by, all of that is better regulated."

To which Wolff immediately responded: "It's funny that Christian said that because it's been weeks and months that they're being investigated, so maybe he won't talk to his CFO. In fact, all of us have been investigated." is that if you have been (above) in 2021, then you have been in 2022 and that you have an advantage for 2023 ”

Red Bull are convinced that they have followed the regulations and what they do not want is to hear false accusations about what their team has or has not done. Horner has repeatedly said that he wants to stop listening to speculation in the paddock.

"I think next week is when they send out the certificates, but I really think our accounts were under the limit," Horner said.

"But we trust our numbers. And as I said, the FIA ​​is still working through their process. And I think it's inevitable that there will always be rumours, I've heard speculation that there have been serious violations and so on, but I'm not really aware of it."

Horner remains calm and says he is waiting for news from the FIA ​​and to show what he has been saying this week.


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