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Supercars: Race Cars Built for the Road that Don't Get Used

Written by William Stephens, Edited by Alexandra Campos

Iconic brands like McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, and even Glickenhaus make cars built and designed to run at iconic race tracks. Except they never run on the tracks. Supercars were not built to be display cars or to run at low RPM (revolutions per minute) on roads which is more damaging for some components than running at the high RPM.

Supercars are the pinnacle of road car engineering, where race cars meet the first uses of race car technology on the road. They are developed to be faster, more agile and have more grip through the corners. And then some of them get turned into a GT3 or equivalent to be the face of the manufacturer in racing.

Glickenhaus are unique when it comes to the supercar scene, as they bring the racecars first, which is unlike any other car manufacturer. As well as making them all in America at the same workshop the race-based version was built-in.

All supercars are expensive costing way over £100,000 so it's only natural that the owners don't intend on running them on the track, as damage can cost well beyond any reasonable amount of money anyone would be willing to spend. Not only is damage going to be expensive to repair, but the value of the car can be damaged due to the events that take place during a track day.

Supercars are the cars kids (and most adults) dream of owning and it's only right they should be used how they are designed, ripping it around the world's legendary tracks with the engines roaring.


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