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The Best F1 22 Livery Mods on RaceDepartement

Written by Ethan Lewis, Edited by Vyas Ponnuri

F1 22 has been out for just over 5 weeks now, and the F1 modding community has been going all out once again with over 350 mods already released on RaceDepartment. I’m going to go over the best livery mod for each team of the game so far.

My Team:

Andretti Gainbridge F1 Team - Full My Team Package - MildtDesign

As we all know, Andretti announced their interest in joining the Formula 1 grid for 2024, and the FIA then denied them the opportunity to do so. Luckily, MildtDesign is here for us and made a full My Team Package for us to use in order to bring the Andretti name back to F1. Complete with two beautiful black and yellow liveries depending on if you chose a Honda or Renault Engine, full race suits, a custom font for the driver number on the car, a custom helmet, custom team emblem, halo sticker, custom monitors, custom steering wheel, and custom race crew and pit crew uniforms.

A modder by the name of Splitzz has created 2 custom helmets for Nico Hülkenberg and Oscar Piastri that go along with this mod.


Monster Mercedes AMG F1 Team - RaceKing2016

This mod overhauls Mercedes and finally gets rid of Petronas and lets you have two of the top teams in Formula 1 be sponsored by two of the top energy drink companies in the world. Complete with a striking livery and custom driver suits, this mod is a must have.

Red Bull:

Nissan Red Bull Racing - Scottie

Instead of Porsche supplying the Red Bull Racing Team with a power unit, Scotttie decided that Nissan would be a better fit for the Milton Keynes outfit, and has brought it to us in the form of this mod, complete with a stunning livery and drivers suits to match.


1000GP Ferrari Livery - JamieG18

Bringing back the beautiful 1000th GP livery Ferrari used at the 2020 Tuscan GP at Mugello, by changing the usual scarlet red to a burgundy, this simple mod changes the entire vibe that the Ferrari gives off making it look more aggressive when you see it in your rear view mirrors.


Black Vodafone McLaren Mercedes - Max Muster

This mod brings back the iconic Vodafone McLaren Mercedes livery of the late 2000’s and early 10’s with a new twist. With the same style as the real life livery, the colours have just been swapped to match the iconic old liveries. This mod also comes with custom driver suits, custom pit crew uniforms, and HQ.


Pink Alpine - Scotttie

One of the best liveries of the season, and it was only used twice, in the Bahrain GP and the Saudi Arabian GP at the start of the year. But now, Scotttie has given us the ability to use this stunning livery for all 10 seasons of our career modes.


Infiniti AlphaTauri - Scottie

Scottie is back on this list again, bringing us this striking livery mod that brings Infiniti back to Formula 1, this time sponsoring the Red Bull junior team, by giving it a nice purple pearlescent finish. This mod goes together with the Nissan Red Bull Racing mod.

Aston Martin:

Danke Seb AMR - Scottie

After the shock announcement that Sebastian Vettel would retire at the end of the 2022 season Scotttie made this amazing tribute livery to one of the greatest names of this sport. This livery features the German flag on the sharkfin, and from the nose to the rear suspension on both sides, it also features little bits of blue around the car, as Vettel revealed that that blue is his favourite colour.


Fixed Williams F1 Livery - y_lhrch

There aren't too many liveries for Williams that have been made and this is the best one out of all of them. This mod just updates the Williams livery making it more similar to the real life real life version.

Alfa Romeo:

Alfa Romeo Concept Livery - mc1023

This simple mod only swaps out the white for black in the Alfa Romeo livery, but it's done in such a way that works and looks better than the original.


Haas Black Gold - mkramer0820

Now, I know what you're all thinking when you see the words Haas and black gold together, but thankfully this is not a Rich Energy livery, it’s simply a black and gold Haas livery. This mod also has another version of the livery that includes red in it as well.


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