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Women Crush Wednesday’s: Charlotte Sefton

We’ve seen her in multiple interviews with Lando Norris this year, and she’s quickly becoming one of our favorite people in the paddock. That’s right, it’s Charlotte Sefton. Whether it’s making sure Lando Norris’s hair is on point or if his mask is on or off, Charlotte’s there taking care of the young McLaren driver (and full-time streamer).

Written by Esmée Koppius, Edited by Bruna Brito

Charlotte started working at McLaren almost 7 years ago in 2014 as a PR Officer. Today, she is a Communications Manager at the iconic team, meaning she’s the one that organized the car launch and all PR events. Before working at McLaren, she worked for Jardine (a motorsport event organizer). There’s little known of her, but that doesn’t mean what she has achieved isn’t impressive.

In her time at McLaren she has worked with Fernando Alonso, Stoffel Vandoorne, Carlos Sainz Jr ,and now Lando Norris as well as Daniel Ricciardo. She was also nominated for an award in 2019, which she sadly didn’t win.

She has been doing an amazing job at McLaren, keeping Lando Norris happy and his hair and outfit on point (as seen in Norris’s interview in Austria a few weeks ago, where he told the interviewer she was his personal stylist). She’s also an example of hard work paying off, and she’s absolutely glowing.

We at Divebomb wish her the best of luck for the future and what that brings.

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