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Women Crush Wednesdays: Kate Dalton

Written by Tanishka Vashee, edited by Esmée Koppius

Kate Dalton is Aston Martin F1 team’s Head of Brand strategy. She has been a fan of motorsport since she was young but has experience in the world of luxury fashion marketing. Kate has had the experience of working with brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger.

One might think it’s unusual for someone who’s worked in luxury fashion to end up at a Formula one team, but her story is a testament to the age old saying that hard work does pay off. To add to the challenge, Kate took up the new role while the world battled the pandemic- unusual was the new usual.

Kate used her strengths, is a keen observer and has made sure the team delivers what fans want. Brand strategy is the essence to commercial success of a team, she has found ways to ensure that despite the distance, there’s an emotional connection between fans and the team.

She has secured partnerships with organisations like Racing Pride UK, emphasising on the importance of making the world of racing a more diverse and inclusive space. Kate has also always encouraged F1 fans to dream and work towards building a career in Formula One.

In an interview with Females in Motorsport, she spoke about how as an F1 fan one has intuition that could be built into a marketing skill. One would know insight such as the routine, favourite teams of the other fans and what channels they use and consume, this intuition can be transformed into a skill.

Kate is a great role model to look up to, she shows young people that with hard work and good understanding of your skill set, you can certainly achieve what you dream of.

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