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Introducing the New Formula 1 Kid-Tailored Broadcast

Written by Kate Krause, Edited by Sharifah Zaqreeztrina

Recently, Formula 1 launched their F1 Kids Broadcast for the second time at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix. It was originally piloted for the Hungarian Grand Prix back in July, which was a big success with many families and kids tuning in. But, as both newcomers and seasoned fans have noticed, the new broadcast is not only helpful for kids who need a more simple, basics-oriented viewing, but also for people who want to learn more about and start following the sport.

F1 Kids’ second broadcast at the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix - Image Credits : Reddit

The first aspect you’ll notice that is unique to F1 Kids is the avatars. Each driver has a personalized avatar that resembles them, but in the form of a cartoon character rather than the actual person.

These avatars were designed specifically for F1 Kids to make the broadcast more identical to a kid's TV show rather than the usual intense sporting event. This addition also detaches the avatars from the real people, helping the broadcast ensure it is kept kid-friendly.

For example, if a driver is broadcasted performing an activity that can be considered inappropriate for a younger audience, it will be censored from F1 Kids. This separation helps to make the sport more accessible for children, as some parents would prefer their child to only be surrounded by actions they deem age-appropriate.

The 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix from the lens of F1 Kids; Image Credits - Reddit

F1 Kids is also a broadcast focused on the comprehension of the sport rather than just the viewing aspect. As the broadcast is steered towards young children, helping those kids to understand what they are watching is a large component of the broadcast.

This is done by including bite-sized facts, labeled as a “Did you know?”. These facts range from tyres to DRS, not only useful for kids but also adults just getting into the sport. Being a new fan of Formula 1 can be a daunting experience, and understanding all the vocabulary, systems, events and more can be challenging.

But the new kids broadcast can hopefully encourage more people to learn about the sport through simple explanations and aesthetic 3D augmented graphics. F1 Kids Broadcast is an incredible resource for anyone new to the sport, child or not.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO and President of F1; Image Credits - Reuters/Leonhard Foeger

F1 CEO and President Stefano Domenicali commented, “F1 Kids is a great example of Formula 1 pushing the boundaries to find new and innovative ways to connect with our fans.” and “it serves as a sign of our collective commitment to make our sport more accessible and engaging to our rapidly growing younger fanbase.”

There have been other steps made in the past in an attempt to increase interest for youths in Formula 1, such as Grill the Grid on YouTube, a platform mainly consumed by younger people. However, not many have been as successful at truly crafting and making a resource for kids to enjoy the sport itself as F1 Kids Broadcast.

As the director of F1 content creation, Ian Holmes remarked: “By creating this new element of our broadcast, we are incredibly proud to provide our younger generation of fans with yet another avenue to embrace the world of F1.”

2023 Singapore Grand Prix results celebrated with the avatars of the drivers - Image Credits : Reddit

F1 Kids also did a wonderful job producing graphics that not only educate the audience but are also aesthetically appealing, hence creating an interesting and fun experience. Their graphics consist of starting grids, speed battles, age-appropriate team radio transmissions and much more. These are all present in the regular broadcast, but are showcased on F1 Kids with simpler yet more color-centric designs.

This is great for children because many of them enjoy and learn best through visual representation. The new graphics also create a much easier way to understand Formula 1 by removing complicated data or information that may confuse young kids.

All in all, the new kids broadcast is an incredible way for Formula 1 to expand their audience and have multiple streaming platforms for people to enjoy the sport.

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1 Comment

Mar 10

Kids F1 is great for kids, but it sucks for adults, I turned it off after the first lap, which is unfortunate, since it was the only way to watch on ESPN in the United States. Am I missing something?

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