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Esteban Ocon to Leave Alpine at the end of 2024

Written by Owen Bradley

Esteban Ocon and Alpine have decided to part ways at the end of the 2024 season, with rumours that Ocon's next options are with Audi and Haas.

This news comes after a difficult Monaco Grand Prix, where Ocon collided with teammate Pierre Gasly, forcing Ocon to retire from the Grand Prix.

Alpine's hierarchy of executives and bosses were publicly unhappy with the collision between the pair, with Alpine's vice president Bruno Famin stating: "It's sad, this kind of incident. It's exactly what we didn't want to see. And there will be the appropriate consequences."

There was some speculation by fans and the media, that Ocon would be replaced for the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix by one of Alpine's junior drivers in their academy. With Famin wanting appropriate consequences, it seems that the pair have reached a mutual agreement, with Ocon leaving Alpine at the end of this season.

Alpine themselves have had a somewhat difficult season so far, as we approach the summer break they have scored just two points.

Ocon has been with Alpine since 2019 when they were formerly still known as Renault. The Frenchman had joined Alpine after a spending a few years with Force India/Racing Point which is now Aston Martin. In 2021, Ocon and Fernando Alonso would have an impressive season, with Ocon taking his maiden F1 Victory at Hungary.

However, despite delivering one of Alpine's major highs, Ocon has been involved in some of Alpine's lowest moments too. Rumours of tensions between his teammates has followed Ocon throughout his career, most notably with Sergio Perez when they both drove for Force India/Racing Point, and an infamous rivalry with Pierre Gasly in their early career.

Ocon could prove as a valuable asset for a team, a proven race winner and strong driver, Ocon also has data on other teams and can evidently race hard. However, with the only options really available being Haas and Audi/Sauber, nothing has been confirmed about Ocon's future team, or whether he would want to stay in Formula One, or perhaps attempt joining a different racing series.


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