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McLaren Unveil 2021 Challenger

Mclaren are the first team to launch their new 2021 challenger, the MCL35M, doing so from their Woking base, with driver pairing, Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris.

Written By Ian Bruce, Edited by Aiden Hover

As expected, there aren’t too many changes to the visual appearance of the car, due to the fact that the design regulations have remained largely unchanged. McLaren,however, have had to do more than most teams, as they have switched back to Mercedes power for the first time since 2014, meaning a lot of the internal structure of the car has had to be changed.

The car has also maintained the classic papaya orange with blue highlights livery that has quickly become as iconic as the silver and chrome McLarens of the past.

This was also the first time we have properly been able to see the new driver line-up of Ricciardo and Norris together. A lot is expected of the duo, with the hopes of bringing an experienced race-winner in Ricciardo to help give Lando the next step-up he needs. Ricciardo stated, “It’s great to have finally joined the team after what feels like an age since we confirmed it last May,” “I’m thrilled to be a McLaren driver and super-keen to get started. McLaren has been on an awesome journey over the last few years, and I’m looking forward to helping the team maintain this positive momentum.” He continued, “Going into this new season in Formula 1, I’m feeling excited and motivated by it all. I think my determination to perform has only grown as I’ve gained more experience and I’m looking forward to getting this next chapter in my career started.”

It’s always exciting for the fans to see the new cars be unveiled. McLaren are one of the most popular teams and this was further proved as almost 200,000 people tuned into their YouTube live stream. We remain excited to see how the new McLaren does, and if they can improve on their 3rd place finish last year, we shall wait and see.


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