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Woman Crush Wednesday: Naomi Schiff

Written and Edited by Bruna Brito

Naomi Schiff is half-Belgian and half-Rwandan and grew up in South Africa from the age of four. She started karting at the age of 11, and in 2014 was a champion of the Clio Cup Asia.

In 2018, Naomi competed and showed success when she won the KTM GTA X-Bow Battle, also securing second place in the 24hrs of Nurburgring.

The 27-years old driver also got notoriety when in 2020, became the WSeries’ Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador, having the opportunity of race in the past year by Puma. “I am committed to pursuing my career in motorsport and am determined more than ever […]”

Naomi has claimed her idol in the motorsport is the (so far) seven-times Formula 1 champion, Lewis Hamilton: “I’ve always been motivated to be good like him, and who knows, maybe one day I can be an inspiration to others like him”

However, Schiff is aware of the difficulties and challenges involved when you are a black woman, in the world of motorsport: “Unfortunately, as a girl or a woman, there are already many barriers in your path and challenges that you will have to face, whether in sport or in society as a whole, so don’t let yourself be one of those barriers. Believe in yourself because you need to believe in order to achieve. So set your goals and go after them because you can do anything you want but you need to believe first.”

We hope this story has inspired you to pursue your dreams and be determined to occupy the spaces wherever you are.

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