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WOMEN CRUSH WEDNESDAY: Michelle Creighton 

The woman in the pink overalls, with very vibrant hair, she’s working on the car with her peers, almost all of whom are men. One must distinctly remember Michelle from back when the Aston Martin F1 team used to be Force India. 

Written by Tanishka Vashee, Edited by Bruna Brito

Michelle works as an engineer for the composites department and is part of the pit-stop crew! Creighton hails from England and has a passion for cars. For a sport that was traditionally considered Masculine (THANK GOD WE ARE SO PAST THAT), to see a car and crew in the pitlane decked in Pink was quite a sight.

Women have been part of the paddock, but rarely as technicians that directly work on the cars. To witness Michelle, work her magic on the car- making tweaks, fixing parts, and getting the car ready for racing is inspiring. Her specialty is carbon components on the car-which account for about 70 percent of the car’s structural weight. 

She really is Tinkerbell! Women like her, who rise up to the challenge and take up roles that have been previously completely dominated by men creates a spark. It helps young girls realize that they can do anything in the world of motorsport if they put their heart to it.

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