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Alfa-Romeo Unveil 2021 Car

Alfa-Romeo is the third team to launch their 2021 season contender. It will come with the hopes of a much improved performance compared to last year, where Kimi Raikkonen’s racing and overtaking prowess was the main highlight of their season.

Written by Ian Bruce and Hafiz Akbar, Edited by Justin Tan

This was mostly due to a horrendously underpowered Ferrari powertrain that they will still be using for the upcoming season. Ferrari themselves are hoping that the new 2021 power unit will give all its teams a much needed boost compared to last season.

The team has retained their lineup for the third consecutive year, with beloved Finn Kimi Raikkonen, who will be 42 this year, donning the Italian team’s kit for what might be his last season in Formula 1. On the other side of the garage, this might be the last chance for Antonio Giovinazzi to impress Mattia Binotto. He is yet to be considered good enough for the jump to the scarlet red kit of the Prancing Horse.

The car itself will be dubbed the C41, a two number jump from the C39 of last year. The reason for the jump is not clear as they have suggested that next year’s car will be called the C40. With rumours stating that Alfa-Romeo might be leaving F1 again, this could be the last time we see this Sauber/Alfa-Romeo partnership.

The livery on this year’s car features much more red than previously seen, with ORLEN once again featuring on the sidepod. The new car features a livery swap like Scuderia AlphaTauri’s AT02 with no other visible changes made to the car.

It will remain to see if this new 2021 car can bring success back to the team, who had a stunningly solid season in 2019. Hopefully they can prove that all that was holding them back is the engine.


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