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Alonso to race with titanium plates in his jaw

After his terrible accident in February 2021, Fernando is back and ready to participate in the test sessions this week. The former two-time world champion was hit by a car whilst cycling in Switzerland last month and has announced that he will run with two titanium plates for this season.

Written by Bruna Brito & Aiden Hover, Edited by Aiden Hover & Bruna Brito

Alonso explained that he will not have problems during the season and that his professional life will remain the same as in previous years. Of course, by December, he will have to operate again to remove the titanium plates that were implanted after the accident.

“I feel good and as far as professional life is concerned, I am 100% ready to compete. On the personal side, I have to remove two titanium plates that I have in my upper jaw and I will do that at the end of the season.” Alonso commented at the FIA ​​press conference on Friday, according to The Race.

Regarding his views on the upcoming season and how he will fare in the new car, Fernando had this to say, “I don’t fear any particular challenge. How the midfield is right now is very competitive, so it’s something that we are aware of, that we need to maximise and make perfection every weekend if we want to score good points.”

Fernando Alonso will race for Alpine, the re-branded French F1 team, alongside Esteban Ocon for the 2021 season – Motorsport Images

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