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An Interview with JSCC Title Contender Harry Hickton

Interview conducted by Tom Evans, Edited by April Thorne

So how did you first find yourself engulfed in the world of motorsport?

From a young age I had a deep interest in motorsport as my dad would frequently compete in historic championships. I loved everything. The people, the paddock, the weekends away and of course the racing. Beside this I would grow up watching the BTCC every weekend without fail.

Did you have any previous experience in cars or karts before jumping into the JSCC (Junior saloon car championship) in 2022?

No, as a matter of fact I came into the JSCC last year, in 2021, as a complete novice. I had done no karting or oval racing as I had been playing football over the years instead, but as a recent deep interest returned for motorsport I wanted to get involved, and went straight into the JSCC as a result of that.

We all know that getting into Motorsport is a tough world, with prices being so high these days. Was this a challenge for you, or did the efficiency of the JSCC's costs make it easier?

In my first year me and my dad just ran our own car together in the cheapest way possible, but thanks to my great sponsors and family, we have given myself an opportunity to run with the best team in the championship: Westbourne Motorsport.

You were the top rookie on the JSCC in 2021, with a large points haul for your first year. Did you expect that year to exceed your expectations, or were you hoping for something more?

As the year went on last year, I carried on to excel and overcome my expectations as I had done nothing before the JSCC, so my hopes weren’t too high, but when the top 10s started flying in, I was over the moon every single time.

What would you say was your favourite/most successful round that year?

One of the best rounds from last year has to be Knockhill. It was my first time in Scotland, let alone Knockhill. Me, my mum and dad had a great weekend away at the beautiful circuit and in only my third ever race weekend I qualified 6th which for me at the time was a great achievement. I also got myself driver of the meeting for that weekend.

This year you've established yourself as the clear favourite for the title, with 5 podiums and 4 wins from the first 5 races of the season. Do you think you can continue this incredible streak until seasons end?

I’d like to hope so, the team behind me is so great and I’ve had great coaching pre-season to give me this launch to the top this early, but we’ll have to see what happens throughout the year. I think being consistently at the sharp end from this point on is the most important thing to do now.

And finally, after this year, do you have any future goals or ambitions for your career?

My main goal is to be in the BTCC, but throughout my journey I’d like to establish myself as a well known driver and have a personality in motorsport besides just being any quick driver.


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