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8th April 2021

With the rumours swirling around the paddock, it seems that the heavily discussed sprint races format for Formula 1 is “almost certain” to take place this season. Following this plan, Formula 1 has reportedly agreed to give the teams a GBP500,000 bonus for the extra cost of the 100km of racing added on to the already packed race weekend.

Written by Hafiz Akbar, Edited by Sam Stewart

Aside from the added financial bonus, teams are also expecting “insurance money” from any damages suffered by the car in the sprint race. While this move might seem quite comforting for the teams, it has the chance of being manipulated so the team can earn more money over the weekend.

While early plans suggest that the race can and might take place in the British GP, there are also speculations on whether it will be held anywhere else. So far, the Brazilian GP in Interlagos and the Italian GP in Monza.

In my personal opinion, while the introduction of sprint races in F1 can prove to have more benefit, especially for the fans who will get more races to watch their favourite team battle out, it might prove, if the normal races hadn’t, the sheer dominance of Mercedes in the field, which scored a 1-3 finish in Bahrain last week, now topping the constructors’ championship.

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