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Electric Powerboat Series, E1 Series, launches the RaceBird

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Written by Hafiz Akbar edited by Harshi Vashee

The brand-new powerboat racing series and the first electric powerboat racing series, the E1 Series, has very recently launched the RaceBird, a fixed chassis model that will be used by the teams to compete in the series, much like the chassis seen in other electric racing series such as Formula E and Extreme E. The presentation was hosted by the Yacht Club de Monaco and had the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) President, Raffaele Chiulli unveiling the year-long wait for the boat.

Specifications wise, the RaceBird is equipped with a 35kWh capacity battery and will have a peak power output of a whopping 150kW from the motors. It will utilize the widely-used hydrofoil technology to enable the boat to reach speeds of 93 km/h (50kn).

The E1 Series itself was launched just last year by Formula E co-founder, Alejandro Agag and former Red Bull Racing and Ferrari team member, Rodi Basso. The first season itself is set to take place by 2023 with 10 close-to-shore locations scattered throughout the world. It will see up to 12 teams tackling the various locations’ tight and technical circuits, with speeds up to 93 km/h.

Regarding its future calendar, E1 is currently in conversations with various government entities to hold the races, including potential races in the world-famous Danube River, just in front of the Hungarian Parliament Building and the Port of Rotterdam as part of the annual World Port Days festival.

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