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Good luck and teamwork lead Alpine and Ocon to their maiden victory in Formula 1

Written by Adrian Gonzalez Edited by Haneen Abbas

Against all odds, Esteban Ocon and Alpine Renault achieved their first victory in Formula 1 with Ocon fighting against Vettel for the victory in an unexpected race. Alpine had a perfect weekend with their two drivers scoring big points in this weekend’s race.

After a rainy and mad start of the Hungarian Grand Prix; Bottas, Perez, Stroll, Leclerc, and Norris left the race. Due to the debris and cars left on the track, the session had to be stopped with red flags. There were only 16 cars in the race and Hamilton was the only driver at the front that didn’t have damage in the first corner.

Everything was on track for Hamilton to take yet another win in the Hungaroring, until the rain stopped and the track started to dry. Every driver and team noticed that and went again to boxes for a change of slick tires except for just one driver; Lewis Hamilton. He soon realized his misjudged call and returned to pits, leaving Esteban Ocon as the new leader of the race and Hamilton in the last place.

Esteban Ocon led the Hungarian Grand Prix since lap 4 and kept behind a thirsty Sebastian Vettel who tried at every moment to take the lead. At the final quarter of the race after an incredible comeback from Hamilton, he managed to take P5, just behind Fernando Alonso. This is when Fernando took a massive role in Ocon´s victory, as he managed to hold Hamilton’s attack for more than 10 laps which helped Ocon to escape from Hamilton and take his maiden victory in Formula 1.

After one of the most exciting Hungarian Grand Prix of all time the perfect day for Alpine ended with beautiful and emotive images as the two Alpine cars drove alongside in the lap of honor, and in the parc fermé with Alonso helping his teammate and the most recent race winner Esteban Ocon.


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