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INTERVIEW with Roman Bilinski F4 Driver

Coming off a relatively successful F4 season, Carlin Racing announced Roman Bilinski will drive for the team in the 2021 season. We reached out to the teenager from Lechlade to talk about his aspirations with the Carlin team, what number he will race under, and how gruelling driving a race car is.

Interview by Ryan Parkes, Edited by Umut Yelbaşı

How did it feel jumping back into an F4 car for testing with your new team?

Coming back to British F4 for a second season is a really good opportunity for me, testing with Carlin has been very promising so far. Every time I get in the car myself and the team are making good progress.

Is a championship challenge with Carlin a realistic and achievable goal this season?

My goal is to go for the championship, but I’ve got to take each round how it comes. I know Carlin is giving me every opportunity I need.

How did it feel jumping from a Ginetta to a single seater like your F4 car?

It was tough transitioning from a Ginetta to a British F4 car because you suddenly have aerodynamics, slick tyres and a completely different driving style that you have to adapt to. At first it was a struggle but I have a really strong team that’s helped me adapt to the F4 car.

Photo by Jakob Ebrey Photography

Which track do you wish to race at in the future?

I have quite a few dream tracks that I would love to drive in the future but I would have to say the Poznan Circuit would be amazing to drive, as it would be in my home country Poland.

Which series do you hope to race in further down the line?

For now I am putting all my focus on this season to give it my all and then I’ll hopefully look at some strong exciting options for the season after. (2022)

Which number will you race under in this season’s F4 championship?

This season the number I’ll race under will be 31. I am very proud to be offered this race number by Carlin because of the other drivers than have won championships under that same number, also with Carlin.

What amount of forces do you endure in your F4 car? Is it a physically demanding car to drive?

The British F4 requires training in many different muscles but I would have to say the neck is a driver’s most trained muscle because of the G Forces we pull in the cars. It wants to pull your entire body in the opposite direction that you are going for 20 minutes with no rest.

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