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An Interview With Gustavo Ariel

The young Brazilian driver, Gustavo Ariel, is passionate about karting and a recent adventurer in the world of simulators. He shared a little of his history with the DIVEBOMB Team, including the beginning of his karting career, the difficulties he has faced, and his dreams for the future.

Written By Bruna Brito , Edited by Aiden Hover

Photos: Personal Archive

– Introduced to the world of speed at an early age, what are your first memories of the motor world, practicing or watching?

A: Watching F1 racing since I was a kid! In fact, I went to the Brazilian GP in 2001 in my mother’s belly!

– Who are your biggest inspirations?

A: Emerson Fittipaldi, Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet and Gilles Villeneuve.

– Go-karting is usually the preparatory basis for every driver, and it was no different for you. Throughout all your races, which was the most memorable and why?

A: Brazilian champion of rental kart 2019, for being one of the most difficult competitions in the world, with 107 other drivers in my Master category (main).

– What are the biggest difficulties you face as a driver?

A: Having the money to run, far away! Very difficult for everyone, especially for me who comes from the lower middle class. Thanks to that, I have few opportunities to be on the track, so I feel that I should always give 200%.

– After an accident or a more dangerous situation on the track, how do you stay focused and regain your confidence so that it doesn’t affect your performance?

A: The risk is always there, we have to be well focused on our goals so that things do not swing in these situations.

– What are your favorite categories to follow? And which ones do you dream to participate in?

A: Formula 1, Stock Car, Cup HB20. My goal is to become professional as a driver and one day be able to compete in Stock Cars with the condition to dispute victories and titles.

– Time is a crucial factor in a race, have you managed to beat any personal goals or a record on the track? If so, do you remember where, when and how?

A: Yes! Several records in simulators, such as iRacing, etc and beating drivers like Max Verstappen and Lando Norris. Record on real tracks? I have in Formula Vee, the 2020 record in ECPA (Esporte Clube Piracicabano de Automobilismo) and the inverted layout of the rental kart interlagos kart track.

-What is your dream car?

A: Porsche 911 GT3.

– Do you have a favorite helmet model?

A: Arai GP7

Photos: Personal Archive

– Simulators certainly help and have changed the motorsport scene in helping preparation of the drivers. What are the tips that you would give to those who also want to venture into this universe?

A: Nowadays I think that all drivers should have a simulator. It very much helps to recognise and train on a track, and stay active, especially!

– Could you share a bit about your projects and personal news?

Of course! I am developing my work as a Coach in my company (GA Coaching) that works in both real and virtual motorsports. In 2021, I am looking for sponsors to continue my career, possibly in some tourism category in Brazil.

Follow Gustavo Ariel

Instagram: @gustavoar1el


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