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Eric Gené on Tecnicar’s “Incredible Job” in First Year of F4 Spain

Written by Juan Arroyo, Edited by Sean McKean

Tecnicar Motorsport made its debut as a team in F4 Spain during the opening round in Spa with Eric Gené and Griffin Peebles at the wheel of their two cars.

Gené, also making his debut as a rookie in the championship, has expressed his satisfaction with the team as it makes progress in its first year.

“So they are doing an incredible job, and it's my first year too. But they look like they've been working here for 10 years because they work so hard with the three cars we have. I'm seeing very good progress from them, both on the car and on other things because the mechanics are incredible.

“When something is broken, like my water pump, they quickly repair it. From one station to the other, the car was repaired, and it was impossible to fix. So the team is making incredible progress, and I'm very happy with that.”

Gené has endured a pointless championship so far, with a best finish of 13th in Spa, but the Tecnicar driver took pride in the strides made from the first round to the second in Motorland Aragón.

The Spanish driver did private tests in Catalunya in September to prepare for F4 Spain, but he did not race in a winter championship. Gené is facing his first racing encounter with the Formula 4 cars head-on and views every race as a learning experience.

“Like everyone else, there's usually a race at the beginning of the season, but I didn't have one. So, I'm feeling confident for the last round in Barcelona, especially since I started in 26th place and now I'm fighting with the top 15.

On his progress, Gené says he feels “comfortable” overall and he’s trying to “learn as much as possible for Barcelona”.

“I'm really happy and my expectation is to reach the podium, either as a rookie or in a standard position. To achieve that, I know I have to work very hard, and I'm fully committed to doing so.”


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